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The artificial intelligence boon is here and rising!  Demand for .ai domain names is increasing faster than all other extensions.

Three characters .ai domain names.

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Due to the .ai domain name extension association with artificial intelligence, Google has announced that it now identifies the  .ai domain extension as a generic top-level domain alongside .com. Search engines now treat this domain extension like a generic top-level domain. The AI boom is here and rising!  The demand and value of .AI domain names are rising faster than all other extensions! Three-letter domain name recently sold via Sedo for $250,000 USD

Smart investors are getting ahead of the curve by buying up as many as possible of these growing-in-value .ai domain names.  Whether you need a domain for your website, or as an investment, now is the time to get into this fast-growing market. Check out our listings of .com and .ai domain names for your website or as a growing investment opportunity!

Special limited time sale

The .ai domains listed in the column below have been slashed by 40%-60% off their regular price. This special limited-time sale will end on June 12th. as prices will then return to an increase of 40%-60% or more depending on market demands. $499 Sale $499 Sale SOLD $499 Sale $499 Sale  SOLD $499 Sale $499 Sale SOLD $499 Sale $499 Sale  SOLD $499 Sale $499 Sale SOLD $499 Sale SOLD $499 Sale $299 Sale  SOLD $599 Sale $788 Sale Sold for $700,000 via Sedo. sold for $258,888 earlier this year via Afternic. The next highest sale was the sale of for $250.000. Hardly any domain extension experiences as much success as .AI currently does.


Now is the time to get in on this great investment opportunity. $9000 $703 $37,000 $2700  SOLD $7000 $799 $17,000 $42,000

choiceone $742  SOLD $1200 $14000 $788 SOLD $288 $740 $4000 $5600

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