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Auction domains with a guaranteed sale

When you add a domain for sale as "Make Offer", as soon as you receive the first offer you can release the domain to auction – with a sales guarantee!

The original offer is automatically taken as the opening bid and minimum price. During the remaining auction period, interested parties can still place higher bids. Biggest takeaway: Since the initial bidder has already committed to purchasing the domain for the minimum price, your auction is guaranteed to end with the sale of your domain!

  • Change from "Make Offer" price to an auction – for up to five days after receipt of the original bid on your domain

  • Guaranteed to sell to the first bidder at the minimum price – and a prospect of even higher bids during the auction period

  • Maximum attention: Display in search results, on your personal auction page and then towards the end of the auction, on the Sedo homepage.

  • Free Transfer Service included


List your domain as "Make Offer"

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